Write on!

I have written a blog or two in the past with little luck.

I’ve desperately wanted to keep the blog going, with every intention of doing so. Then, I just can’t seem to follow through.

So, this time, it is going to be different. I have an idea that should stick this time.

My problem has been the amount of time it takes to keep a blog going and the subject matter. I was putting too much pressure on myself that I eventually just stopped contributing to my latest blog start-up.

My newest creation is a short-story blog. Every season, I will contribute one new short story in hopes of improving my writing. So, let’s write on!

I begin with my short story for the Fall season called “Running Back In Hindsight.”

This is the story of Johanna, a marathon runner, who has to deal with some past issues while on her run in order to move ahead with her future:

Running Back in Hindsight2

Your feedback is greatly appreciated,

Keep smiling and keep writing,

Rachel 🙂


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