Me and What I’m Doing Here

I’m a teacher, mom and writer. I also run, play Ultimate Frisbee (I love it!!) and have an awesome husband. We’ve got two kids who are also awesome and an even awesomer (I know, grammar! But, she’s the most awesome!) dog. She’s a Great Dane. Our household is very busy and I have little time to write. As the years go by and the kids grow up, I am hoping to have more time to do the things I love – write, read and exercise! I also want to take up sewing, bike through Italy, maybe become a Principal and have a book or two published. I’ve written one, that hasn’t been published but at least it’s finished and it is sitting in my book shelf for anyone curious enough to read it.

I am loving short stories these days, it is what I have time for now. I also have so many story ideas! What a great way to save time (instead of writing a whole novel again!!) and get those ideas out there.

This blog is meant to get me writing more frequently – I intend to write a different short story each season. My other posts in between those stories will be random posts about possible story ideas. Give me a shout if you’d like to comment! I would enjoy the feedback.


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